Leila Ziari’s first collection of poetry invites readers into a world of transformative love. These one hundred and eleven poems reveal the bliss, pain, expansion, longing, and ecstasy of eternal love. Earthly and ethereal, timely and timeless.


Just as Ziari chronicles her own metamorphosis, she invites the reader to be inspired, uplifted, healed, and renewed. Through her bold confession of passionate devotion, Ziari dissects the very essence of love and the whirlwind of emotions therein. It is her vulnerability that allows for such immersion, reminding readers that those we love are part of our spirits and have been embedded in our souls since the beginning of time. While she hints at deep scars, this poet never wallows. Her transcendent poetry reaches beyond.


Ziari shows us what we know but so often forget - the evolutionary and revolutionary power of love.

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Gloomy Sunday - Billie Holiday (Piano Cover by Leila Ziari, 2020) 

One More Cup Of Coffee - Bob Dylan (Cover by Leila Ziari and Marc Blaker)

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What is it about the ocean that makes it the perfect muse?

Seaside Serenades is the poetic chronicle of an intense love affair with the ocean, the secret lover and source of inspiration for many artists. 


Leila Ziari’s collection of haikus will transfer you through the rivers of time, love, and passion while you bear witness to the ocean’s ever-changing, awe-inspiring nature.


With her soothing, resonating poems, Ziari will remind you of your own memories of the ocean and make you long to reunite with it.


Do you remember how far the ripples of the water extend? What’s beneath lies the surface of such immaculate depths? 


As you listen to the soft serenade of the sea, dip your feet in the cool water, close your eyes, and let yourself embark on an intense journey through the waves of life.


Perhaps you will cross paths with a poet.... 

Seaside Serenades: The Ocean In Haiku