Leila Ziari is a passionate creator with a love for life, beauty, and all forms of art. She spends her time writing, painting, traveling, and communing with earth’s treasures, always eager for adventure and refreshing experiences. 


Her greatest teacher is life itself, so she always keeps an open mind and a sharp eye out for new lessons and inspiration.

Ziari’s first poetry collection, Love Poems To A Poet, was published in early 2020 and is a collection of 111 poems addressing her personal muse and celebrating all manifestations of love.


Always expanding, her latest venture, online vintage clothing store “Eternal Elegance Vintage", is an expression of her love for fashion, creativity, restoring history, and—maybe—her growing shopping addiction.


 As a devoted creator, Leila explores, experiments, and discovers new passions every single day, infusing her creations with her fondness for nature and the power of transformation.


 If there’s beauty in something—and there always is—, she’ll turn it into art.

Leila Ziari

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Leila Ziari, a visionary with a soul concealed by a million galaxies, and a mind that seeks adventure.

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